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Furniture making activities

Choose an activity from the list below by clicking on it. Step by step instructions will appear on the right.

Make a marquetry fan


You will need: two templates downloaded from the website, coloured papers, a glue stick, scissors and a pencil. You may also want to add further decoration with coloured pencils.

Step 1 - Watch the film of Jack Metcalfe doing marquetry in the way that Chippendale would have done it.

Step 2 - Download the templates and semi-circle from the website

Step 3 - Cut out the templates from sheet one

Step 4 - Draw round the templates on coloured or decorated paper.

Step 5 - Cut the shapes out of the decorated paper. Remember to put the number of each template on the back of each piece!

Step 6 - Glue your shapes into the semi-circle to create a fan shape

Step 7 - Add some further decoration with coloured pencils. You can download a sheet of motifs that Chippendale would have used for inspiration!

You can get papers that look like wood if you want it to look really authentic. If you are very creative you could decorate some paper to look like wood.