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Furniture making activities

Choose an activity from the list below by clicking on it. Step by step instructions will appear on the right.

Gild a clay motif


You will need: a motif made from clay, PVA glue, thin sliver foil ripped into small pieces (approximately 1cm x 2cm), a brush and glue pot.

Step 1 - Watch the film of Pam Keeton water gilding

Step 2 - Brush glue onto a small area of your motif and wait until it has dried a little but is still sticky

Step 3 - Stick on a piece of silver foil and smooth it down

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the whole clay tile is covered

Step 5 - Use the other end of your brush and your fingers to make sure the silver foil is smooth

Step 6 - Admire your handy work

Things to remember - You have made one motif and gilded it. Chippendale would have had to make about 30 of these for each chair. Imagine how long that would take!